National Safety Month

June is National Safety MonthThe entire month of June is National Safety Month and The National Safety Council (NSC) and Phelps PPE want to help you stay safe. You can visit the NSC website to download valuable resources to help spread the word about being safe at work, on the road, and at home.

According to the NSC, a worker is injured on the job every 7 seconds in the United States. The top five occupations with the largest number of injuries are

  1. Service (Firefighters, Police, Etc)
  2. Transportation/Shipping
  3. Manufacturing/Production
  4. Installation/Maintenance/Repair
  5. Construction

Phelps PPE Helps Keep You Safe

The products offered by Phelps Protective Equipment are tested and certified to international standards including NFPA and ANSI. We offer head to toe protection in High Visibility, Flame Resistant, Workwear, Foot and Hand Protection, and Head, Ear, and Eye Protection. Phelps PPE has you covered and will do our part to make sure you get home safe every day.

High Visibility Gear

Make sure you are seen when you’re on a worksite with high visibility clothing and accessories. Phelps offers High Visibility and reflective gear such as vests, bibs and jumpsuits, jackets, pants, and harnesses. The gear uses bright fluorescent colors and retro-reflective materials so you really stand out against the background, making it easy to see you.

hi vis uniform shirtAll of the High Visibility gear from Phelps PPE meets or exceeds the ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 American National Standard for High Visibility Safety Apparel and Headwear. The garments can be used at work 24 hours a day, providing the wearer with a high level of conspicuity. The High Visibility Garment Types from Phelps PPE are offered in three classes or types.

Phelps also offers Class E Supplemental items. These include pants, shorts, overalls, and gaiters that have to be worn with Class 2 or 3 items to be considered in the Class 3 category.

Other High Visibility accessories that Phelps PPE carries are bump caps, ear protectors, rucksacks, armbands, and helmet stickers.

Head, Ear, and Eye Protection

It is important to protect your head, hearing, and vision while on the job. Phelps PPE has many kinds of protection to help keep you safe and injury-free.

Head Protection

Protecting your head is important and Phelps has many products to protect you from injury, the environment, and other dangers. You can choose headgear from bump caps, safety helmets, balaclavas, cooling crowns, cooling headbands, helmets with visors and ear protection, hoods, neck shades, hi-vis ranger hats, fleece hats, knitted hats, neck tubes, respirators, hard hats, beanies with LED lights, helmet stickers, and reflective baseball caps.

Ear Protectionhard hat head protection safety helmet

We offer a wide variety of ear protection, so you have the right level of performance for your situation. We offer ear muffs that go over the ears that can be attached to helmets or just worn with its own arms. We also have foam earplugs that are corded or individual. You can also get a dispenser for the foam earplugs that can hold up to 500 at a time.

Eye Protection

It goes without saying that you need to keep your eyes safe. Phelps PPE offers several types of eye protection. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from classic safety glasses, goggles, shield visors, sunglasses, and sporty-looking safety spectacles.

No matter what the level of protection is that you need, Phelps PPE has the gear to protect your head, ears, and eyes.

Foot and Hand Protection

Keeping your extremities protected is another important job that Phelps PPE takes seriously. We can help you be safe from slip and falls, injuries, and other problems.

Foot Protection

camo foot protection anti-slipIt is important to make sure that you are safe and comfortable while standing, walking, and working. Phelps PPE can help you achieve that with foot protection accessories such as boot covers, gaiters, kneepads, and LED shoe clips. We offer you slip protection with a variety of water shoes for use in wet conditions. The insole won’t absorb water and the drain ports allow water to drain when flexing the boot. If you are looking for a boot, you can choose from safety boots, welders boots, fur-lined protector boots, rigger boots, hikers, all-weather boots, metatarsal steel boots, and safety PVC boots. If you’d rather have a shoe, you can choose from protectors, composite, safety trainers, and steel toe shoes.

Keep a steady foot at work with foot protection from Phelps PPE.

Hand Protection

Your hands are useful, so it’s vital that you keep your arms, hands, and fingers safe from injury. Protect your arms and hands from cuts with cut-resistant sleeves. If you need gloves, we offer gloves that protect against cuts, weather, impact, vibrations, static build-up, water, slips, chemicals, and high temperatures. No matter the work environment, Phelps PPE will do our part to keep your hands safe while you do your job.

Stay Safe

Although June is National Safety Month, it is important that you are safe every day. Take a look around our website and make sure you and your workers have the protective gear that they need. Contact us today to learn more about staying safe and comfortable.

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